Rui Kato

I am currently a postdoc researcher at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan. I received my doctoral degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in March 2024. My CV can be found here.

Research interests

I am interested in the first and second Lyapunov methods, in which characteristic exponents and energy functions play fundamental roles. Recently, I found that Leonov’s method in dimension theory encompasses both aspects of the first and second methods. I further developed this approach based on Willems’ dissipativity theory. Moreover, I am interested in applications of dimension theory in distributed and networked control systems. Of particular interest to me is in exploring the connections between dimension and entropy notions in control systems and those in communication systems. Another interest lies in nonlinear oscillations and networks. My goal is to understand and control self-excited/hidden oscillations and cluster/remote synchronization.